We’ve made a difference to organisations across the UK by significantly reducing their software licence costs, optimising their operations, and enabling valuable insight and improvement.

We specialise in assisting charities, health and care organisations, and any organisation looking to expertly manage their incidents, risks, facilities, complaints, compliance, and much more, all via our user-friendly software. We recognise organisations’ different challenges, so our modules are customised to align with exact requirements.

Our affordable annual software licence offers unlimited user access to more than 40 custom-configured software modules, eliminating the necessity for multiple software licences.

Our Purpose

To provide organisations with valuable insight and support so that they can identify areas of improvement and work more efficiently, ultimately giving them more time and money to positively impact the world.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the most affordable and adaptable software solution in healthcare, charity and beyond.

Our Values


We’re accessible to all, all of the time through affordability and service.


We’re adaptable in everything we do because every business deserves its own custom solution.


We’re committed to our customer, existing as an extension of their team.


We have dedicated people behind our software to ensure customers receive a human touch in a technology-led space.


We want our legacy to be determined by the organisations that have trusted us.