Software Designed For

Local Governments

Councils and local authorities face a vast number of issues relating to community safety, care quality management, safeguarding, and quality compliance on a daily basis. Vantage software empowers you to proactively tackle these pivotal challenges, with modules specifically designed to meet the needs of local councils and authorities throughout the UK.

Intuitive software solutions for

Councils and Local Governments

Efficiently manage, assess and mitigate your organisations risks

Effectively manage ASB cases on a secure and easy to use platform

Empower teams with real-time data, analytics and reporting

Improve community safety and help communities be and feel safe

Keep teams updated with automatic notifications and alerts

Complete system security

Boasting a user-friendly interface, robust system security, and a suite of comprehensive features, Vantage software serves as an indispensable tool for councils. It seamlessly facilitates tasks encompassing community safety, ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) complaints management, and beyond. Vantage’s real-time insights and reporting capabilities elevate the council’s decision-making prowess, enabling them to make informed choices that directly enrich their communities.

Risk, Safety and Incident Management

Incident Management

Effectively record, manage and report on your organisation’s incidents.

Health & Safety

Record retrieve and investigate health and safety procedures with ease.

Risk Management

Effectively manage all your organisations risks in one central location with ease.

Risk Assessment

Efficiently create, review and manage risk assessments in one location.

Compliance, Audit, Performance and Quality Management

Audit & Quality Management

Remain compliant with regulations without the use of multiple systems.

Performance Management

Effectively manage your performance, targets and KPI’s.

Complaints Management

Effectively record and act upon complaints in a timely manner.

Compliments Management

Manage, store and share customer compliments all in one location.


Efficiently track, prioritise, and action support requests.

Central Alerts System

Automatically receive, store and manage important safety alerts.

CQC Compliance

Manage and store all your CQC evidence and ensure compliance.

Policy Management

Expertly manage all of your organisations policies and procedures.

Contract Management

Expertly manage all of your contracts in one location.

Freedom to Speak Up

Manage concerns and promote a culture of transparency.

Information Governance

Manage information and ensure compliance.

Training Management

Ensure your staff are kept up-to-date with essential training.