One Licence,

Unlimited ModulesUnlimited UsersUnlimited Solutions

For clients who require the ultimate flexibility in data management, we have created the One Licence. The Vantage One Licence operates as a software as a service (SaaS) licence, allowing your organisation access to our software as an annual subscription. Our One Licence gives your organisation access to unlimited modules, with unlimited user access, all for one low-cost annual licence fee.

How it Works

Our One Licence offers excellent value for money giving you access to our full library of over 40 software modules and ready-to-use templates, providing you with the ultimate flexibility to implement the solutions your organisation requires.

Step 1: Select Your Modules

Pick from our library of over 40 ready-to-use software modules, you can select as many as you require and can add more at any time; at no additional cost.

Step 2: Configuration

We work with you to configure your modules to your exact requirements, eliminating the frustration of working around an out of the box solution.

Step 3: Go Live

After configuring your software modules, adding users, and establishing security and access permissions, you’re ready to start operating more efficiently.

The Benefits

Unlimited Solutions and Software Modules

Unlimited System User Access

Access to Bespoke and Custom Solutions

Excellent Savings and Efficiencies