Martin House is a Yorkshire-based children’s hospice specialising in respite care, symptom control, community support, bereavement support, and end of life care. The organisation was looking to update their risk management software as the procedures they had in place were awkward to follow and, in some cases, their software systems were incompatible with one another.

“The other main issue we had was that our facilities management software was too complicated with too many boxes to tick. It just wasn’t fulfilling its purpose as people weren’t using it.”

Why Martin House Chose Vantage Technologies

Head of ICT & Telecommunications Gary Hall ultimately chose our software due to its bespoke nature, as clients can develop and adapt modules using our platform. Since then, we have helped the Martin House ICT team create custom modules to fit their requirements in terms of both ICT and facility support desks and asset management, staff development, and more.

“With the Vantage system we can centralise all our datasets and data management procedures into one place, making it a much smoother process to share important information between departments.”

“We’ve also found the Vantage platform to be very flexible and easy to adapt to our requirements. Our technical team can build software modules as and when we need them, with support from Vantage to ensure our needs can be met.”

Custom Data Management Solutions

The Martin House team also needed a flexible and bespoke data management platform for the creation of custom modules and reports, which we were more than happy to provide and help develop.

“We chose Vantage because of the bespoke nature of their software; our ICT team uses the platform to create the modules and reporting procedures we need, and Vantage has a great customer support team on hand for any queries or issues.”

“With this platform we can test to see what works or doesn’t work before rolling it out to all staff, so we can always have the best procedures in place. We can also maintain the software in-house, making it a much more cost-effective solution for us.”

Martin House’s Bespoke Data Management Software

“We initially looked into Vantage’s software for complaints and risk management, which we are currently rolling out. However, the asset and facilities management module really caught our eye as we were struggling with our software for these purposes. Since then, we have developed several modules within this area:

  • ICT asset register
  • ICT helpdesk
  • ICT planned maintenance
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Display screen assessment
  • Change request form
  • Facilities asset register
  • Facilities helpdesk
  • Facilities planned maintenance
  • Vehicle management
  • Staff development (For ICT department meetings and one to ones)
  • Data privacy impact assessment
  • Business impact assessment
  • Quality impact assessment

We’re also looking into adopting modules that Vantage has been developing for other hospices, including modules for Care Quality Commission compliance, risk management, and HR.”

Data Management for Hospices

Gary prioritised choosing a user-friendly platform and has found our software to be just the ticket, easily introducing it to the organisation and providing minimal training before staff members were regularly using the software for data recording and retrieval.

“Our staff are finding the Vantage platform much more usable than the software we previously had in place for facilities management – this is a great sign as we continue to expand on what types of data we manage from the platform!”

“We’re also getting data out of our databases, which hasn’t always been the case when software is clunky and doesn’t have good reporting facilities. The Vantage platform has great reporting tools; we’re currently working on setting up reminder triggers, so we can automate reports and keep on top of everything.”

Recommending Vantage Technologies to Healthcare Providers

“I would definitely recommend Vantage Technologies to other hospices and healthcare providers; we’re happy to give anyone interested more guidance on how we’ve used the platform for highly bespoke applications within our organisation.”

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