From the largest corporation to the newest SME, data management has become a primary concern for many organisations who are looking to more effectively use and also protect data. With this in mind, many different sectors have looked to data management software to aid them with processes as diverse as risk management, health and safety, incident reporting, safeguarding, and performance management. Such software can be incredibly beneficial in terms of easily yet securely recording and storing data and connecting datasets in a meaningful way for better reporting and monitoring. But what of data management software cost?

When you’re looking for data management software to implement across your organisation, one of the biggest factors will of course be price. Everyone wants the best value for money from the software provider they choose! We have found this to be true of public sector organisations and charities as well as small businesses and private companies. This is why we strive to be one of the best value for money data management software providers on the UK market, with no compromise on quality or the adaptability of our software for diverse applications.

“A key reason for us choosing Vantage over other providers is that they have a considerably better price, in comparison to the market leader for example.”

Theo Luck, Phoenix Hospital Group

Whether you are looking for a single module or an extensive data management system, we can offer the best value data management software for your organisation, beating many of the bigger ‘one size fits all’ software providers on the market, while providing bespoke software configuration so your platform is ideal for your organisation.

Finding Value in Vantage: Our Customers

From hospices and healthcare providers to schools and local councils, many organisations have found our data management software to be ideal for risk management and assessments, complaints and incidents reporting, facility and asset management, health and safety management, and much more. With Vantage, you can build a data management platform with the processes that are important and useful for you without breaking the bank.

“The advantage for us over competing systems is that it provides us with a set of tools that are useful but also scalable – and affordable – to a medium-sized charity.”

David Traynier, St Helena Hospice

Vantage Technologies Enterprise Licence

We understand that every organisation will have unique data management requirements and that certain processes work better for some clients and sectors but not others. This is why we’ve created the Vantage Enterprise Licence. With a Vantage Technologies enterprise licence, we can customise your data management platform with only the software modules you need at the best price. We can also develop and adapt modules when you need a tailored system that’s difficult to find with off-the-shelf software packages. We’re incredibly proud of the solutions we can create for a range of clients!

Data Management Software Cost

To find out how much you can save on data management software cost with Vantage in comparison to other providers, you can get in touch with us for more information or a demonstration from one of our representatives. We can help you build a tailored data management platform that is balanced to your requirements and your budget.