Vantage is LFPSE Compliant!

We are thrilled to announce that Vantage, has successfully passed NHS England’s rigorous LFPSE (Learning from Patient Safety Events) compliance testing and are officially recognised as an accredited LFPSE supplier. This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to enhancing patient safety in healthcare organisations across the nation.

With the successful completion of NHS England’s compliance testing we are committed to helping healthcare organisations across the nation transition to the new LFPSE framework.

Your Partner in Patient Safety

At Vantage, we understand the critical importance of seamless integration and user-friendly solutions in healthcare. Our LFPSE-compliant software not only meets the stringent standards set by NHS England but also streamlines the process of recording and sharing patient safety events with the national NHS system, to help support your ongoing safety improvement.

By choosing Vantage as your LFPSE software provider, you are ensuring that your organisation benefits from the LFPSE service and its advantages and complies with evolving healthcare regulations and standards whilst delivering exceptional patient care.

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    Start Your LFPSE Journey With Vantage!

    We recognise that every healthcare organisation is distinct, with its own unique requirements. That’s why Vantage software is tailored to suit your specific needs. Its unmatched flexibility means you no longer have to adapt to a one-size-fits-all solution.

    Benefits of our LFPSE Compliant Software:

    Improve patient safety and quality of care

    Say goodbye to manual and outdated processes

    Gain meaningful insights through our comprehensive reporting functionality

    Remain compliant with regulations and standards

    Ensure continuous learning and improvement


    Learning from patient safety events (LFPSE) is a new national NHS service acting as a central service to record and analyse patient safety events in healthcare. LFPSE is replacing the current National Reporting and Learning Systems (NRLS) and Strategic Executive Information (StEIS), intending to offer improved support for those within all health and care sectors.

    Put simply; this change allows the NHS and other healthcare organisations to better record patient safety events, learn from the data recorded and put actions in place to reduce risk and provide improved care to patients and families and ensure their safety.

    Learning from patient safety events (LFPSE) will be mandatory for NHS organisations by September 2023, leaving organisations little time to move towards LFPSE compliance. These organisations must ensure that their Local Risk Management System (LRMS) software providers are moving towards LFPSE-compatible products and LFPSE compliance.

    The LFPSE service will allow healthcare organisations and providers to record patient safety events quickly and with ease whilst allowing easy access to data already recorded to support ongoing safety improvement work. These organisations must, however, ensure that their chosen software provider offers LFPSE-compliant products to benefit from the LFPSE service and its advantages.

    LFPSE looks to make recording safety events in other healthcare organisations and care settings easier through simple online forms and an accessible online portal which allows organisations to review and regularly update previously recorded safety records and incidents.

    As previously noted, these organisations must maintain and use LFPSE-compliant software to benefit from the advantages the LFPSE service offers.

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