Hospiscare provides specialist care to patients and their families who live with life-limiting illnesses across Exeter, Mid and East Devon. They have been supporting people with a life-limiting illness for almost 40 years. Their services include support at home, a specialist palliative care ward, day hospices and end-of-life care.

Hospiscare wanted to progress from paper-based reporting to using data management software and commented-

“Prior to Vantage our risk management, incident management and volunteer management systems were all paper-based, they were completed on a word document then recorded on an Excel spreadsheet.”

Why Hospiscare chose Vantage Technologies

Hospiscare have been using Vantage Technologies data management software since 2020. Kelly Prince, Head of Governance and Data Protection found our platform to be the best fit for their organisation due to our understanding of the needs of a hospice. Along with our charity software and the comprehensive range of Vantage software modules we were well placed to meet their requirements. Another major factor was the bespoke nature of our software, as our clients can use our platform to develop and adapt modules to meet their needs.

“We were aware that it could be customizable but have been very impressed with how Vantage has been able to adapt the modules to what we need and if there is something that we need, the development team has been more than willing to assist so that it works how we need it too.”

Hospiscare is actively using 9 of the 25 software modules now available (Incidents, Risk Register, Compliments, Complaints and Concerns, Volunteer Management, Data Protection Impact Assessments, Information Asset Register, Subject Access Requests, CQC module) and are looking forward to adding even more to their system.

Improving efficiencies within Hospiscare

“Since purchasing Vantage Sentinel most definitely there have been huge efficiencies. Prior to Vantage, incidents, complaints, and concerns were manually recorded on a form and then scanned sent to the relevant department and then logged, it was difficult to report on trends and themes. Now incidents are reviewed live on the system and updated during meetings and committees as required. Reporting is fantastic and has enabled us to identify rising issues. The Risk management module has just gone live but will also take the process from paper to electronic which in turn will allow them to be completed reviewed and managed with greater efficiency. As a result, we have been able to stop using multiple systems which have saved on cost and the cost of time has been invaluable for our staff.”

Recommendation of Vantage Software

“Yes, we have been able to stop using multiple systems, which has saved on cost and also the cost of time saving has been invaluable for our staff. Hospiscare staff and management are extremely happy using the Vantage Sentinel software and it has been said that it has revolutionized the way we manage incidents.”

“At Hospiscare we are very satisfied with the support we have received and we certainly recommend Vantage Sentinel to charities and NFP’s.”