Parliamentary Debate on Hospice Funding Postponed

The parliamentary debate secured by Hospice UK via MP Peter Gibson to discuss hospice funding and the financial challenges facing the sector was due to take place on Monday, 15th April 2024. Unfortunately, the House of Commons debate was postponed late Monday afternoon due to the overrunning of previous agenda items.

MP Peter Gibson noted on the social media platform ‘X’ that:

Due to the parliamentary agenda today it is with regret that @SallyAnn1066 (MP Sally-Ann Hart) and I have decided to withdraw our debate on Hospice funding. This important debate needs time in the chamber for the more than 25 MPs planning to speak“.

Source: Peter Gibson MP, X

The debate comes at a crucial time for Hospices nationwide. Hospice UK recently revealed that hospices faced a collective deficit of £77m in the just-concluded financial year, the worst seen in around two decades. Due to increased costs and the lack of government funding, hospices face significant financial challenges, which are detrimental to the vital end-of-life care and support services they provide. You can learn more about the debate and the challenges facing hospices across the UK here.

Following the debate’s postponement, Toby Porter, CEO of Hospice UK, said via LinkedIn:

“Frustratingly, the debate on hospice funding was postponed late yesterday afternoon, after the Rwanda bill overran. The silver lining is that the decision was significantly influenced by the large number of MPs who had indicated they would be speaking in support of fairer funding for their local hospice”.

Source: Toby Porter, LinkedIn

News on the expected new date for the debate on hospice funding has yet to be confirmed.