Our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) software module is an essential tool for any organisation that utilises and relies on any electrical equipment. The module allows your organisation to streamline your PAT processes by automating tasks like scheduling, testing, and maintenance. With customisable reports, real-time notifications and maintenance reminders, our PAT module simplifies the process of maintaining electrical safety compliance.

In addition to reducing the risk of electrical hazards, our PAT software module provides a range of benefits for your organisation. By eliminating the need for manual and paper-based record-keeping, our PAT module saves your organisation time and reduces the risk of errors. As well as providing automatic reminders for any electrical equipment’s upcoming testing and maintenance, our comprehensive reporting also helps to identify patterns of equipment failure, allowing you to take preventative action. Our PAT software module is an essential tool for organisations looking to improve electrical safety and compliance while automating their testing and maintenance processes.

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Portable Appliance Testing

Benefits of our Portable Appliance Testing Module

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