St Gemma’s Hospice, located in Leeds, is a compassionate charity dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for individuals in the community who are living with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. With a wide range of expert services available, St Gemma’s offers comprehensive care and support to patients, their caregivers, and their families.

At St Gemma’s, patients receive personalised care through various support services, including in-patient care, out-patient care, and care at home. The hospice also provides therapy services, invaluable support to families, including family support, bereavement support, and spiritual care. The hospice provides a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment and ensures that individuals living with life-limiting illnesses receive the expert care and support they require.

How Vantage Software has helped St Gemma’s Hospice

Prior to implementing Vantage, St Gemma’s Hospice were using a combination of paper based forms and spreadsheets for their incident reporting, risk management, asset management, compliance and performance KPI reporting. Speaking to St Gemma’s Information Manager and Data Protection Officer, Tony Deighton, we were keen to learn more about how Vantage software had improved efficiencies and processes at St Gemma’s:

Clinical and Non-Clinical Incident reporting from start to finish is more reliable and rigorous. The workflow element creates ownership and actions. There is no hiding place. The CQC module is a great example where all our evidence is available for inspection at any time and is organic. The IT Helpdesk has transformed our behaviour from reporting an IT issue to the ‘Starter Mover Leaver’ process. Utilising ‘Trigger’ emails has been very effective throughout the modules and creates an effective workflow… It is clear we have made time savings (process efficiencies).

Did you appreciate that Vantage Software can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs?

This is one of the main reasons why we chose Vantage over your competitors. It’s a little bit like transforming an ‘Off the Peg’ jacket and trousers (Templates) into a Saville Row suit (Customisable Modules fit for purpose).

What do your staff and management think of Vantage Software?

They love it! I did a survey within the first 2 months of launching the Incident Management module asking for feedback. The feedback was fantastic and very positive from all skill levels. I engaged with key stakeholders and the very beginning to understand what they wanted from an Incident Management module and more importantly what they did not want. I created a footprint of our entire estate accounting for every office and cupboard and delivered what they wanted and more.

What do you think are the main benefits Vantage software has brought to your organisation?

Efficiency, clarity, consistency, actionable visibility and thoroughness.

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