Here at Vantage Technologies, we continue to invest in our customers as well as in our own software. We pride ourselves on keeping up with industry trends and remaining competitive by ensuring we fulfil all our software users’ needs. One of our ways of doing this is by listening to our customers and ensuring we better their experiences with our Hospice Data Management Software even further.

November 2018 sees the first of our new User Group meetings. We are proud to launch our Hospice User Group on 12th November 2018. The first of these sessions will be held at St Luke’s Hospice’ Clifford House in Sheffield after the inception of the idea from St Ann Hospice’ Jan Codling. We currently have over 30 hospices represented at this User Group and it presents us with a huge opportunity to add value to our hospice software users’ experiences. These sessions bring users of our Hospice Data Management Software together to discuss the software, its uses and ways we can improve. They make a fantastic opportunity to look in detail at our software and services, and we are able to give our customers some insight into brand new developments.

Why We Want a HUG (Hospice User Group)

User Groups are common in industries that deal in software or any kind of technical product. They are always mutually beneficial for both the company and software user as they enable the building of strong customer communities. At Vantage Technologies, we plan to develop user groups to inform our decision making and our strategies while providing face to face support for our customers who are also able to liaise with each other on their experiences.

This kind of B2B networking is great for keeping our customers informed about our software and developments. It allows us to share our ideas with users of our product, and gather qualitative data on popular opinion. It is useful for us to aggregate our customers’ voices while respecting individuality and the use of each different module.

We know the importance of ensuring that our SaaS (software-as-a-service) is an intuitive service and we are proud to say our work with our customers does not stop at simply providing the software. We are always keen to engage with our service users, and to understand their experiences with our product. We are able to share our technological advancements with the service users and show them all the ways we are working to make our software even stronger.

Our software is perfectly suited to hospices because they share ideas and knowledge and are always looking for excellent value for money, whilst making it much easier to meet compliance and regulatory standards. You are able to rest assured in the fact that the safeguarding of your information and that of your service users comes first. You need not compromise on security for efficiency and need not sacrifice affordability for high end technology.

For all of our hospice data management software users, we invite you to join our HUG. It makes the perfect environment for enquiring, sharing and learning.