We are happy to announce our product re-brand from Vantage Sentinel and Vantage Paragon to the all-encompassing Vantage Technologies. A data management software that will provide our customers with even more value for their money. Our Enterprise Licence enables our software users to have unlimited users and unlimited modules. Often data management, particularly in industries that deal with sensitive data, can be difficult, time consuming and can involve a great deal of human error.

Vantage Technologies have developed a wide range of integrated software modules providing complete business and risk solutions. The previous product names Paragon and Sentinel were dedicated to performance and incident management only. We have broadened this to ensure our software covers more aspects of data management.

Our Product List includes:

Asset and Facilities Management and Maintenance

Audit and Inspection

Complaints and Compliments

Contract Management

Contractor Staff lists

CQC Compliance Management

GDPR (Data Process Management)

Health and Safety

Incident Management


Offender Management

Practices and Privileges

Risk Management


Staff Training Records

Vehicle Management Register

Customers and prospective customers can now benefit from a much wider range of software to benefit their entire organisation. In adopting our Enterprise Licence, our customers get excellent value for money, often for no additional cost. As a business, we benefit from having one code base with unlimited software modules.

And how does this affect our software users?

With a Vantage Technologies Enterprise Software Licence, our customers experience a range of benefits including full flexibility with the fact that all Vantage software modules link to each other, so there are no costly interfaces. This software acts as an annual retainer, within which you can pick and choose any of the specialist modules you need on your custom data management dashboard and they fully integrate with each other.

These benefits are well suited to users of our software in a range of industries, for example:

Hospices and Charities

Hospices and charities can utilise the full range of software to manage their organisations at a fraction of the cost of the purchasing of individual software from different organisations.

Councils and Police

With our Enterprise Licensing, users are provided with all the community software required to create an Integrated Neighbourhood Management system for reducing crime and protecting vulnerable people. This all can be provided as a total Vantage solution.

Corporate Business

The range of business and risk management modules can be used by virtually all small and medium sized businesses to completely optimise their data management.

Multi Academy Trusts

Multiple academies can access the same software using inbuilt comprehensive access rights and permissions for safeguarding, risk assessment and management, asset management, contract management, performance management to name a few!

We are excited to have released this software we know will assist the successful running of business and company operations. Book a demonstration with us today or call us on 0114 247 9500.