Get ready for LFPSE with Vantage!

Learning from patient safety events (LFPSE) will be mandatory for NHS organisations by 2023, leaving your organisations little time to move towards LFPSE compliance.

Start your LFPSE journey with Vantage today by getting in touch to see how we’re preparing for LFPSE and how we will be supporting healthcare organisations through these changes.

What is LFPSE?

Learning from patient safety events (LFPSE) acts as a central service to record and analyse patient safety events in healthcare. LFPSE is replacing the current National Reporting and Learning Systems (NRLS) and Strategic Executive Information (StEIS), intending to offer improved support for those within all health and care sectors.

Put simply; this change allows the NHS and other healthcare organisations to better record patient safety events, learn from the data recorded and put actions in place to reduce risk and provide improved care to patients and families and ensure their safety.

What does this mean for my organisation?

LFPSE is currently within its public beta stage but will become a mandatory practice for NHS organisations by March 2023. These organisations must ensure that their Local Risk Management System (LRMS) software providers are moving towards LFPSE compatible products and are LFPSE compliant.

The LFPSE service will allow healthcare organisations and providers to record patient safety events quickly and with ease whilst allowing easy access to data already recorded to support ongoing safety improvement work. These organisations must, however, ensure that their chosen software provider offers LFPSE-compliant products to benefit from the LFPSE service and its advantages.

Got a question about LFPSE?

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    How does LFPSE affect non-NHS organisations?

    Previous reporting systems have seen a much lower level of reporting from non-hospital care, with around 75% reported from the hospital sector. LFPSE looks to make recording safety events in other healthcare organisations and care settings easier through simple online forms and an accessible online portal which allows organisations to review and regularly update previously recorded safety records and incidents.

    As previously noted, these organisations must maintain and use LFPSE-compliant software to benefit from the advantages the LFPSE service offers.

    How can Vantage help?

    Vantage has been helping healthcare organisations manage their incidents and risks effectively for over 30 years and plan to integrate LFPSE into our intuitive Enterprise Software by December 2022.

    We are working alongside our customers within healthcare and we are within the final stages of developing our LFPSE solution, in order to prepare these organisations for the changes to patient safety that are on the horizon.