In an increasingly growing technological world, companies and organisations need software that can keep up with the world around them. With our years of experience, we know just what you’re looking for in a data management software. And we’re here to tell you just why Vantage Technologies is the place to go for the best platform around.

Fantastic Value

There are a number of reasons we continue to stand out from our competitors. A big one is the fact we provide a fantastic software service at brilliant value. We value cost efficiency here at Vantage Technologies – and that is not just for us. We take pride in knowing we are giving our customers great value for money on data management software in a range of industries. Our company values mean we always put our customer first.

Our Enterprise Licence

We have created the Enterprise Licence for our customers who require the ultimate flexibility. With the Vantage Enterprise Licence, you get unlimited software modules for unlimited users on any authorised device. This allows you to gain:

  • Access to all the Vantage software modules you need on any authorised device.
  • An accessible data management platform where you can easily record and retrieve data, as well as send and receive data from other systems.
  • Unparalleled security with an ISO 27001 compliant hosting platform.
  • The ability to create custom document templates and reports, as well as upload images, files, and barcodes to have all the information you need in one place.

Our User Groups

As a technological company, we strive for continual growth. Technology continues to evolve… and so do we. We always want to hear what our customers have to say of their experiences with our software and what they want to get out of it. Client relationships are increasingly important in a world so focused on profit – we pride ourselves on knowing the work doesn’t stop with getting a customer, but continues with a mission to ensure customer satisfaction.

Completely Customisable Software

Our software system is completely configurable to meet your organisation’s data management needs. We offer a range of modules bespoke to your needs, perfectly suited for whatever your organisation needs to manage in regards to data. We develop the ideal system to ensure your company gets exactly what it needs in its data management.

Our Passion for Efficiency, Security and Care

We have built our software to ensure our customers can efficiently do their jobs. We ensure this by offering a system that prioritises safety, security and care while being easy to use. With our platform, you are able to hold all data management variables using one system.

Free Demonstration of Our Software

We offer a free demonstration for all our prospective customers. These demonstrations are face to face, and brand to brand. What does this mean you ask? We offer our prospective customers the opportunity to see for themselves how our software works. We pair you with local similar clients of ours for a demonstration, and offer the opportunity to see how our software modules for work an organisation similar to yours.