The Hospice Charity Partnership | Customer Story

Birmingham St Mary’s and John Taylor Hospices together form The Hospice Charity Partnership, providing expert palliative and end of life care for people and their families living with life-limiting illnesses. The Hospice Charity Partnerships vision is a future where everyone with a life limiting illness will live and die with dignity and in comfort, and aim to enable more people from all communities to access the care of their choice at the end of life.

The Hospice Charity Partnership offer personalised support and care at home, in local communities and at their hospices to individuals across Birmingham, helping them live well with their illness, right up to the end of life. As well as offering support to those with life limiting illnesses, The Hospice charity Partnership offer support to families and carers throughout a persons illness and offer bereavement support for as long as necessary.

As well as offering expert palliative and end of life care services, the Hospice Charity Partnership is committed to training health and social care professionals, GPs, nurses and medical students in palliative care and end of life, through seminars, placements and courses.

We spoke to Helen McCoy, Head of Clinical Governance at The Hospice Charity Partnership, to understand why Vantage was the system of choice for their organisation. The Hospice Charity Partnership chose to initially implement Incidents, Complaints, Compliments and Risk, with the scope to implement more modules down the line, utilising the benefits of our One Licence.

The Hospice Charity Partnership operates across two hospices (Birmingham St Mary’s & John Taylor Hospice). Before implementing Vantage, The Hospice Charity Partnership already had an electronic system for incident and risk management, however, they had two different systems across both hospices.

We already had an electronic incident and risk management system; however, our organisation consists of two hospices and we had two different systems in place. We needed to implement one system across both hospice sites.

Helen chose to implement Vantage because its “Cost effective, flexible and easy to use” and allowed them to “design modules to meet the needs of our organisation whilst being able to easily implement the system across both hospice sites.

How Vantage have helped The Hospice Charity Partnership

We were keen to understand how our software had improved The Hospice Charity Partnership’s efficiencies and organisational processes and how much of an impact it has had on the organisation:

The charity has made a significant cost saving by switching to Vantage, as well as making a significant saving in costs The Hospice Charity Partnershipcan see the benefits of other modules which will help to streamline services as we will be able to link incidents across different modules”.

As well providing excellent value for money, The Hospice Charity Partnership have benefited from the ease of use and having a system that can be customised to their organisations’ unique requirements.

The fact that we could design modules to meet the needs of our organisation was one of the reasons we chose Vantage.

Staff have found it easy to use. Management are very excited by the number of modules that we can utilise to stream line process with everything under one umbrella. It will be a central point of access e.g. for policies, audit, medical devices etc.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer to our customers and continually work to go that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy:

We have recently implemented the incident module; this was a huge piece of work as we needed the module to be flexible and relevant across the organisation including retail. The whole process was made easier by the support and guidance provided by the Vantage team, they assisted us to design an incident module that is user friendly whilst meeting our needs.

The Vantage team, are very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful, we have developed a good relationship with the staff and they are understanding of our requirements.

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