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We are delighted to welcome St Catherine’s to the growing number of amazing hospices we work with and are extremely proud to provide over 80 hospices within the UK with affordable and adaptable software solutions that support the outstanding work organisations like St Catherine’s do.

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About St Catherine’s Hospice

St Catherine’s Hospice is an independent charity based in Lancashire that supports local people that are affected by life shortening conditions and illness, providing them with quality of life, until end of life. St Catherine’s extraordinary work and support services help around 2,000 patients and their families each year.

St Catherine’s work with patients and families to help them achieve what is important to them. They provide care that is personalised to each individual and their circumstances and aim to help people live in comfort, with dignity, independence and choice.

As well as providing important end of life care to patients and families they are there to provide support from diagnosis through bereavement and host various opportunities and support for loved ones and for their community to remember and reflect together.

How are we helping St Catherine’s Hospice?

St Catherine’s were looking for an affordable and adaptable software solution for reporting their organisations incidents and managing their risks that could be easily customised to their requirements. St Catherine’s also required a system that had powerful reporting capabilities in order to identify trends and provide an overview of their organisation. As well as this, St Catherine’s have access to our full range of software modules through our low cost One Licence giving them scope for future implementation of various other solutions, eliminating the need for multiple software licences.

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