Chief executive for Martin House Hospice, Martin Warhurst, recently hit our TV screens appearing to be somebody else! Film crews and football fans seemed to believe Martin was in fact Jan Siewert, who at the time was heavily linked with becoming Huddersfield Town manager, and has since taken on this role. Martin House Hospice provides family-led care for babies, children and young people. They support those with life-limiting conditions and their families across West, North and East Yorkshire. As partners of Vantage Technologies, it is so pleasing to see Martin and the hospice make such widespread news! It is always great to see one of our clients thrive and show people how much of a difference their donations can make.

Martin was shocked when he noticed Sky Sports were beaming his face worldwide as the possible new Huddersfield manager, having just come along to enjoy the game as a football fan! With all the buzz around the possibility of Jan becoming the new manager, Huddersfield fans are familiar with what he looks like, and, well, they thought Martin was him too! A passer-by stopped to ask ‘Are you Jan, the new manager?’ to which Martin, surprised to hear this, responded with ‘No, no, that’s not me. I’m Martin from Wakefield’. This happened more than once, with many people convinced it was him due to their similar looks.

Martin From Wakefield

As the chief executive of Martin House, Martin saw this as the perfect opportunity to create some awareness around the hospice and how people can help! The popular hashtag #MartinfromWakefield, created when the hospice spotted their boss being mistaken for the manager by Sky Sports, has brought in a lot of attention for Martin House. The mistake brought in a lot of media attention for Martin, which he actively decided to use to raise money for the hospice, which is fantastic! Martin did everything he could to help, including wearing a jumper with all the information of how to donate on SoccerAM! The efforts were a success, raising money through his new found fame, Martin House took to twitter to thank everyone for their generosity, and continue to raise awareness for the amazing work they do everyday.

martin warhurst soccerAM

Congratulations Martin! Who knew looking like somebody else would do so much good for Martin House Hospice!

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