Improve your quality of care with Vantage Software

What is meant by quality of care?

Within healthcare, quality of care is the degree to which the health services provided to individuals increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and that quality health services should be effective, safe and people-centred.

How does technology help improve the quality of care within healthcare organisations?

1. Share information efficiently & seamlessly

By utilising technology to replace the hindrance of paper-based working, healthcare staff can spend more time doing what they do best – caring for and supporting their patients. With a digital web-based system like, Vantage, information can be shared across the organisation with ease, saving staff valuable time when reporting an incident, assessing & identifying a risk or providing key evidence to regulators and inspectors, such as the CQC. This not only helps staff access important information faster but saves them valuable time that could be better spent delivering important care to their patients.

2. Improve compliance

The primary regulator of health and social care providers within England is the CQC, having a digital system like Vantage in place, that lets you store evidence against each aspect of the CQC’s assessment framework, ensures your organisation is ready for inspection at any time. This not only improves quality of care and patient safety, but also helps your organisation improve your CQC rating and maintain best practice.

3. Enhance communication

With the effective implementation of suitable technology staff members can receive automatic alerts and notifications to ensure important actions are never missed. With Vantage’s trigger system, alerts and actions can be sent to staff members notifying them that their attention is require regarding a particular, risk, incident, complaint and beyond. This ensures that any patient safety events or important reviews are carried out in a timely manner and follow up actions are completed in line with your organisations policies and procedures.

4. Increase accuracy of data and gain meaningful insights

Spending too much time preparing spreadsheets? Can’t find your latest audit? Lost that all important document? With Vantage software your organisation has access to comprehensive reporting tools to get the data you want, when you want it. In depth analysis and intuitive reporting gives staff insight and overview into every aspect of your organisation, giving staff more time to provide expert care and effectively asses the risks to patient safety across each department.

5. Prevent reoccurrence of adverse safety events

Technology allows your organisation to learn from past events, informing and promoting a shared learning and best practice culture. By logging all incidents, risks, complaints, compliments, audits and beyond in one centralised system, your organisation can see what is going well and what needs improvement. With Vantage, you can expertly examine these events in one location and put action plans in place to prevent reoccurrence.

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