What’s changing?

The CQC has stated that its quality ratings and five key questions will stay central to its approach. However, CQC is changing their current key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) with new ‘quality statements’. These new quality statements (also referred to as ‘we statements’) aim to reduce duplications of their four current separate assessment frameworks. These will allow them to focus on specific topic areas under each key question whilst linking these to the relevant regulations to make it easier for providers.

As well as this, the CQC has developed six categories for the evidence that they collect for more structured and consistent judgements, these being:

  • People’s experiences
  • Feedback from staff and leaders
  • Observations of care
  • Feedback from partners
  • Processes
  • Outcomes of care

Click here for more information on how and why the CQC assessment framework is changing.

Source: Care Quality Commission, 18th July 2022, https://www.cqc.org.uk/news/our-new-single-assessment-framework

When are these changes happening?

These changes to the CQC’s assessment framework are being rolled out in phases, with the initial rollout of elements of the new single assessment framework being carried out in early August 2022 to a small number of ‘early adopters’, including home care providers and a small number of hospice providers. This early stage aims to refine the processes of the new single assessment framework.

From September 2022, the ‘early adopters’ group will be expanded to GP practices, independent providers and care homes. During this time, the CQC aim to test how well the features in their new provider portal work and how easy it is to use for these providers. From October 2022, the CQC will begin to carry out assessments using the new single assessment approach to a group of ‘early adopters’. This ‘early adopters’ approach starts to test the new framework in a real environment with a small group to ensure everything is working well before a full rollout to providers. From January 2023, the CQC aim to begin a full rollout of their new regulating method.

For more information on what these changes are and when they will happen click here.

Source: Care Quality Commission, 12th July 2022, https://www.cqc.org.uk/news/what-we-are-doing-when

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    How are we helping organisations adapt to these changes?

    At Vantage, we’re already working hard on developing our current CQC Compliance Software Module and collaborating with our customers to deliver a comprehensive and efficient solution for the new CQC single assessment framework. With these changes affecting a large number of those we work with within the healthcare, care and hospice sectors, we are ready to provide a solution in line with the CQC’s full rollout of their assessment framework in 2023.

    As with our current CQC compliance software module, this will provide your organisation with the tools to effectively demonstrate compliance and easily attach any related evidence or associated files. It allows you to efficiently store and access key evidence and statements in one location to provide relevant and up-to-date information to those needing it, ready for inspection at any time.

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