Elevate your healthcare practice with Vantage Software

We are delighted to welcome Roczen to the community of healthcare organisations leveraging Vantage Software! We look forward to working together and helping them deliver exceptional care and support to those living with chronic conditions.

About Roczen

Roczen, the groundbreaking care delivery platform from Reset Health, are on a metabolic mission to reverse chronic conditions and illnesses. With a primary focus on tackling type 2 diabetes and obesity, Roczen’s team of esteemed doctors, nurses, psychologists, and industry leaders has spent the last two decades passionately researching and testing cutting-edge solutions to improve chronic health conditions.

Backed by medical experts, Roczen stands apart as a beacon of innovation, providing their patients with an exclusive suite of personalised programs meticulously curated to not only reverse type 2 diabetes but also to facilitate effective weight management. At the intersection of clinical professionalism and personalised health engagement, Roczen harnesses smart technology to redefine the landscape of chronic condition management, making it both efficient and effective.

Driven by a commitment to accessibility, Roczen is dedicated to making specialised healthcare an integral part of everyday life. Their channels are thoughtfully designed to empower individuals, allowing them to receive support from their clinician and mentor at a time that aligns with their schedule.

Roczen goes beyond traditional healthcare boundaries by offering a wealth of useful articles and easy-to-follow recipes, enabling individuals to take charge of their weight management journey with confidence.

Reset Health’s dedication to personalised, accessible, and effective care delivery and the transformative power of Roczen sets a new standard in the industry whilst helping patients living with type 2 diabetes and obesity to be healthier and happier.

How are we working with Roczen?

We’re partnering with Roczen to enhance their incident management, safeguarding procedures, risk management, audits, patient feedback processes, CQC compliance, policy management, asset management, and more. Our One Licence provides them with access to over 40 software modules under a single, cost-effective annual licence. This not only streamlines their patient safety and compliance efforts via our comprehensive modules but also reduces software licence costs and enhances overall efficiency.

Beyond tailored solutions that align with Roczen’s specific organisational needs, our software comes equipped with robust reporting capabilities. This empowers them to conduct in-depth data analysis, identifying areas for improvement and amplifying the impact of their mission. Vantage Software ensures Roczen not only meets regulatory requirements but also maximises the effectiveness of their operations.

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